Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Swirly Background and Usage 1

I can't seem to remember where I got this idea from but I do know it was from something online.  The original was actually a black piece of paper and the swirls on white were done with black pen and vice versa.  I adjusted it a bit and did the black with permanent Indian ink.  When that was dry, I did the swirls with normal ink and it came out alright.  Sadly, scanning it left a few strange discolourations (and if anyone knows how to fix that...I'm listening) which I had to fix with Illustrator.  That's where I got the idea of putting in some writing.

In the spirit of more swirlies and NaNoWriMo, I decided to use the font Angelica to write out a little encouragement.  I like how it looks and printing it and framing it makes for a nice focal point I can stare at when my word count starts flagging and making me wish I had opted for a less painful challenge.  This is AEDM number 2.

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