Monday, November 15, 2010

Checks and Flowers

 There is a part of me that thinks planning is for morons.  Let's face it, art I plan never comes out the way I planned it and I get into a funk about it.  This was a nice enough idea and the thought of layering water colour just so I could see how it would come out fit perfectly with the idea of  a checker board.  Then I decided fine lines with masking medium would add to the effect.  Finally, I decided masking the centre of the flowers would also give me a nice look.  Planning complete, I started working on the project and...this is not the way I planned it.
So planning is going to the fishes for now.  I am going to work off the cuff and hope it also doesn't suck.  And once I'm certain there is a point to all this planning business, I might try my hand at this again and do a few things differently.  Have to figure out what that's going to be first though.  So here's a AEDM page although I'm not sure I want it to count. Blah!

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