Saturday, July 24, 2010

Technology Sucks

I think computers are great.  I think the internet has made things possible that we could never have dreamed of.  I love that they are easily accessible...literally in the comfort of our homes.  But when they start to go wrong...then everything starts to go wrong.  I run an update on my computer and for the past week I've been doing all I can to stop it from deleting all my data as the new program conflicts with old ones and makes a mess of everything.  I am not so computer savvy that I can just sort this out so I have had no internet access and the bare minimums of computer ability.  I can't remember how I survived without my PC but I'm getting the feeling it wasn't such a wonderful existence.  On the other hand, if I had never gotten hooked to the internet, there would be nothing to worry about now.  So even though I love technology for all it's, I'm of the opinion - IT SUCKS!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Increased Vocabulary

There is something essentially beautiful about Zentangles.  I think they are a nice way to break away from expectations of what is 'normal' and just follow a random path.  But even as I tried to stay on the path less travelled, I could not resist the lure of something familiar.  Using easily recognizable shapes makes these Zentangles a little different and yet even more meditative.

flower 3.5 x 3.5

There is also this little one...
heart 3.5 x.3.5

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Wear Pink

I love mixing music and there are times when I even go so far as to create covers for the mixes.  Discovering Zentangles gave me an easy way of designing covers without having to make it an overly cerebral process.  This is the cover and back of a mixed CD with music by various strong women in RnB, Pop and Rock singing their hearts out.

 front (booklet)

I didn't like how the pink came out and I will probably alter it digitally before I print the final copy but here's the rest of it.


This is where I will put the final list of 50 songs and hopefully clear out the funny looking pink colour too.  Oh, the joy of Photoshop.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zentangle Introduction

Zentangles are interesting.  I fully agree with the idea that they can be therapeutic but I can see how figuring out where to start and finish can be difficult.  I was particularly happy to try my hand at whatever came to mind but this tutorial also helped me figure out a few things about these mini-doodles.  With this in mind...

 3.5 x 3.5in with coloured pencil 

This attempt was my first try and while some ideas were original most were taken from the tutorial or other people's work.  I thought adding colour would help but I don't really like it.  So here's attempt number two:

3.5 x 3.5 in graphite pencil

This attempt was a little better but the pencil still wasn't working for me.  I've since made a few discoveries but it's still nice to know where I came from.  I'm just working on improving my Zentangle vocabulary from here on out.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hearts version 2.0

I discovered Zentangles by accident. I was looking through the blogs I follow when I found this post by Karen Blados. I had never heard about them before but I loved the idea so I followed the links and found - to my surprise - that there wasn't anything to it. Since then I've been doing it any chance I get. (June's last entry into Illustration Friday was just one of many examples.)

I also wanted to get the idea for the hearts right. So I used a stencil this time and found the ability to change angles and have neater lines a lot more pleasing. Adding the Zentangles was my way of giving the background some depth. I can't really be sure if that worked but I like this so that's probably all that counts.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I've had love on my mind for some time. It's probably because I don't really have love in y heart...or rather because I haven't really felt it. There seems to be a break between what I think and feel about love and what everyone I know thinks about it. Then I remembered I had this poem in one of my books and for some reason it reminded me of everything I have ever hoped love to be...and sadly never truly known.

Granted, the desire to blame others for not getting it right is all to clear to me. There are times when it is probably fair to say I do not know how to let love in rather than complain that others do not know how to love me. That's why I am trying to stop thinking about it so much and let it come from where love should - the heart. Perhaps if I can stop my logical mind from derailing me with its ideas of reciprocity and equality, I may finally get to the point where I can engender humility, charity and yes, a little love.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cup of Soup...Art

I bought a copy of "1000 Artist Journal Pages" and have come to enjoy flipping through it. I like all the levels of art it shows. Yet I never knew what to do with it beyond that. So when I found myself with a little left-over paint, I thought I might try an imitation.

This particular page was inspired by Kathy Welsh as featured in "1000 Artist Journal Pages" by Dawn DeVries Sokol. Number 0038 in the entire collection, I was attracted to the bold happy colours. I wasn't really interested in getting the final product perfect and adding and taking away elements was my way of stamping it with my brand of ART. I guess that's the true joy of a well written book or the inspiration that comes from being with other artists even from so far away - it calls me to be more than I am and sometimes more than I think I can be.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Say it with Pictures

Talking with pictures isn't something new. We are always being reminded that a picture speaks a thousand words. So I tried to make a statement of my own and this was the result. I did the picture in about half and hour but the border took ages and considering how little I was able to write, I'm thinking 'a thousand words' is a bit of an exaggeration - that or my pictures are very reticent.