Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cup of Soup...Art

I bought a copy of "1000 Artist Journal Pages" and have come to enjoy flipping through it. I like all the levels of art it shows. Yet I never knew what to do with it beyond that. So when I found myself with a little left-over paint, I thought I might try an imitation.

This particular page was inspired by Kathy Welsh as featured in "1000 Artist Journal Pages" by Dawn DeVries Sokol. Number 0038 in the entire collection, I was attracted to the bold happy colours. I wasn't really interested in getting the final product perfect and adding and taking away elements was my way of stamping it with my brand of ART. I guess that's the true joy of a well written book or the inspiration that comes from being with other artists even from so far away - it calls me to be more than I am and sometimes more than I think I can be.

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