Saturday, July 10, 2010


I've had love on my mind for some time. It's probably because I don't really have love in y heart...or rather because I haven't really felt it. There seems to be a break between what I think and feel about love and what everyone I know thinks about it. Then I remembered I had this poem in one of my books and for some reason it reminded me of everything I have ever hoped love to be...and sadly never truly known.

Granted, the desire to blame others for not getting it right is all to clear to me. There are times when it is probably fair to say I do not know how to let love in rather than complain that others do not know how to love me. That's why I am trying to stop thinking about it so much and let it come from where love should - the heart. Perhaps if I can stop my logical mind from derailing me with its ideas of reciprocity and equality, I may finally get to the point where I can engender humility, charity and yes, a little love.

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