Saturday, July 24, 2010

Technology Sucks

I think computers are great.  I think the internet has made things possible that we could never have dreamed of.  I love that they are easily accessible...literally in the comfort of our homes.  But when they start to go wrong...then everything starts to go wrong.  I run an update on my computer and for the past week I've been doing all I can to stop it from deleting all my data as the new program conflicts with old ones and makes a mess of everything.  I am not so computer savvy that I can just sort this out so I have had no internet access and the bare minimums of computer ability.  I can't remember how I survived without my PC but I'm getting the feeling it wasn't such a wonderful existence.  On the other hand, if I had never gotten hooked to the internet, there would be nothing to worry about now.  So even though I love technology for all it's, I'm of the opinion - IT SUCKS!

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