Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That Girl

This is my first sojourn into real mixed media collage. I've always bought magazines to read them so defacing any of the pages to remove images was unheard of. Every time an art exercise asked me to find a magazine and tear out the pages, I always skipped it or went in search of internet photos I could print instead. (That's how I discovered stock photos and the likes of www.gettyimages.com) But as much as I liked the idea of 'saving my magazines' I realised I was keeping too many and the growing piles were becoming too much to deal with.

So armed with a pair of scissors and an eye out for anything that might speak to a desire I found what I was looking for. And so it begins...

Once again...with no plan and a vague idea of what I wanted...I started something that surpassed all my expectations. I love art journaling. I think it rocks.

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