Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Things

I've never been one for 'pretty things'. Pink isn't one of my favourite colours and the only way I'd let florals come into my life was if they were printed on my curtains - and even then perhaps not. So when I started drawing and painting, I was surprised by all the things that I was naturally inclined towards. Butterflies, hearts and yes...even flowers.

I now wonder what I did before I discovered such pretty things. In truth they have no real value and yet they add a lot of value to life. I'm enjoying painting flowers right now but I also enjoy looking at them...taking the time to buy a few to put on my desk where I can occasionally smell their delightful fragrance and marvel at their structure...always inspired by the sheer variability available out there.

Perhaps I shall change my view of pretty things. I might just go out and buy myself a pretty pink sweater and wear it over my jeans so I feel special without even trying. I can't wait...and yet it isn't that big a deal...right?

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