Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Did We Do Before the Internet?

Whenever I'm thin on inspiration (which can be very often sometimes) I look to the internet.  Poetry first lines, writing prompts, challenges & sprints, pictures to give you an idea of what's possible and more recently the joy of tutorials and videos on YouTube.  All these things have added to my creative ability and provide both inspiration and a sense of community.

The internet has changed the way I look at my creative journey.  A teacher in the same location, offering an affordable price was the first and often only choice available.  Books offered a close second.  All that has changed.  Free online tutorials that show the step-by-step accomplishment of a creative task offer reference at the touch of my fingers.  Online courses bring the teacher into my studio and interaction with other creative people brings the community to me.

So if you are stuck for ideas and looking for something to work with check out the's a great place to start.

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