Thursday, January 10, 2013

Movie Magic

I think I would have enjoyed being a set decorator in another life.  I look at movie sets and I imagine just what went into making them look so real and I think "I can do that!".  But even though I'm not looking for the drastic change of career that would put me in line to create those sets I admire, I've found that they are an unexpected source of inspiration.

Every paid attention to the art in movies?  Paintings on the wall, sculptures on display, pictures in frames and the projects that characters embark on right there in front of you begging for your notice and never getting it because they can't compete with what you're really there for; the movie, the story, the drama.

Every once in a while they will make a movie about art or an artist and push this visual inspiration right at you but most of the time, it's in the background.  Part of the whole (like the soundtrack) making the movie richer and more enjoyable yet not really upfront and centre where you might sit up and take notice.

But the next time you have no clue where to begin on your next painting, drawing, collage or art journal your favourite movie and take a look at the art on their walls. You might be surprised by what you notice and where that attention to detail could take you.

Perhaps paying that extra bit of attention to something you already love will give you yet another level to enjoy it on..  That's the magic of the movies.

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