Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Illustration Friday: Poised

Poised to strike...and poised to sing.

It's a good thing not to judge a IllustrationFriday prompt before the week is over. When I first saw the word POISE, I thought, "These people are trying to kill me." But now that something has come to mind it isn't so bad. I only wish something keeps coming to mind and it is within my capacity to produce it. Because my first idea just wasn't.

To those professional illustrators and artist out there, "What do you do when something is clear in your head but isn't so clear in the outcome?"


  1. Hi--I struggle with the same problem--having an idea, and having NO IDEA how to make it happen on the paper. I think all you can do is try--and then hopefully slowly (for me, it's very slowly) learn how to make it happen. I was reading somewhere about how you have to make an awful lot of bad drawings to learn some of the the things you need to learn.

    As for the topic, I really liked this one. It seemed ripe for possibilities. Last week's was the killer for me.

    This cat and bird drawing is lovely!

  2. Love the bird. And the poses are very life like.

  3. Poised to sing reminds me of a swans last song..Sad but very beautiful to listen too. I really hope that the bird made it away alive.The drawing really captures the word "Poise". Oh, i wonder if you got any inspiration from a certain kitty in your neighbourhood.....
    Good work