Friday, March 6, 2009

Illustration Friday: Breezy

Getting an idea is only as good as how soon (and well) one can use it. It's taken me very long to put this one into effect. But I think it is a good effort. Trying to get the pencil as dark as possible was rather difficult but with a little more pressing I think I got it. I should probably try editing it once it is scanned but that has to be a job for another time.

It is interesting to note that I had done something else earlier - this rough sketch for a possible painting came really quickly - and I think it has suitable potential for something in colour down the line.
Thinking in pictures is getting thinks!


  1. The wind blows as the bell chimes
    Adrift, I peer through the twisted rhymes
    Askance, my ship is tossed by furious fumes
    Swirling and twirling, the tempest rages
    Into the darkly clouds I can hardly see

    From the grills, the curtains are ripped
    Mercilessly furled into the angry wind
    She reaches out by instinct to defend
    Her innocence, for so long protected
    Waiting for the Knight in shining armor

    Nothing could have prepared her for this
    As the dark knight drilled and hissed
    She wished the breeze would blow her away
    Anywhere but here where impaled she lay
    As the dark night inside her sprayed

    On to the chair and into the night he left
    Motionless she lay as the breeze became soft
    With heavy eyes and numbing paid she wept
    Her innocence and dreams peered and left.

  2. Thanks Innocent. I like the way you express yourself and make what I do part of a greater scheme of things. I appreciate it wholeheartedly.