Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attack of the Body Snatcher

If I took a break from my life would it still be my life?

I just wanted to take some time away and figure out if this was something I really wanted to do. The only trouble with that is, it came at a time when I found the process of creating anything at all very difficult. So Illustration Friday is on a break - but then again - so is everything else I've been trying to do. The effects are making me wonder about a lot more than my artistic talents.

The weekly writing challenge has remained unchallenged for nearly two months. The usually weekly newsletter is a month behind schedule and there is evidence enough here of just how well IF has been going. Somewhere along the way I lost the plot and I'm not sure if I can recapture it.

So with such a bad showing, I have to this really me or am I living proof that there really is something like a body snatcher? Because it walks like me and talks like me but I don't think it's me any more. I think maybe I just took a break and forgot to take my body with me. I wonder how I would sort that out. I wonder how I can feel so broken - it is , after all, just a little undone art. Right?

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