Thursday, June 4, 2009

Illustration Friday: Adapt

Technology might mean we have to adapt ourselves to new ways of doing things but there are so many other ways we have to make necessary changes to deal with technology. Just the plugs to my power supply need an adapter to work properly and these are just the ones from my computer to the main socket. Is this really progress?


  1. Adapt conotes "power" - the kind that makes our life easy through application of various appliances. But this very same "power", as in electric power, has the capacity to inflict untold damage. So, to adapt means we must get the right balance in life by using life's provisions measurably and avoid wastefulness. If we learnt how to adapt, the environment would be much cleaner and greener; less people would be hungry. We know we have adapted when we subdue the craving for overload, overindulgence, overliving. This is because whenever we "over" live, we deny others (both human, animals and nature), the chance to live. Lets all ADAPT.