Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flawed

I've decided to return to basic pencil work. It's a much easier medium for me and I am able to express myself without a problem. It doesn't mean I won't return to coloured media at some later date but I might want to wait until thinking in pictures comes more naturally. It is one of my flaws at this time.

The others is that I don't like the idea of using facial features as flaws (especially since they add character - and I love freckles best of all) but I figured any face marred by tears would automatically qualify. Sadly, the very light tears do not scan very well (HELP! :-( ) and they might get lost in the fields of grey.


  1. Beautiful and an amazing face. I love the textures, shadowing and expression. Sometimes only a pencil will do! Great work!

  2. Exquisite! There is nothing flawed about this face.